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Albuquerque 2008 Special Shape Rodeo Friday Morning

Our condolences go out to the family of Stephen Lachendro who was killed in an unfortunate accident at Fiesta on Friday morning. Our prayers to his family and the family of Keith Sproul who is still hospitalized with major injuries from the accident.

While there apparently was a freak wind accident with the Wings of Wind balloon, Danny's landing with Burnie the Little Devil balloon was fairly uneventful with the exception of the retrieval of the balloon from the Sandia Indian Reservation. 

From the 9th of October, I had issued a small challenge which has of course been put aside because of the unfortunate events that involved our friend and team member Keith Sproul, I have suspended the end results of the challenge. Sometimes other things take precedence. As a result, I will announce the winner one week from the 12th of October, 2008.


Photos taken from Burnie the Little Devil balloon by Barry DiLibero as photographer:

Ok, this is Teri... Taken  by Barry. I had no idea my eyes were blue!



Danny's Zebra.


Wow, look at the huge crowd.

How much do you think the baby weighs?

The Standoff.


There is an airplane to the right mid section of the photograph. (Figure that one out)




Gordo the Monkey!



The angel and the devil, so close, yet so far..




Two different types of deliveries.



This is where Danny landed. Ok, it was a mile away, but it doesn't make any difference. It still took us 3 hours to retrieve the balloon.



Nice view from the landing spot though. 

Ok, so they took the pilot away in cuffs. Who am I to criticize?

Teri's photos:  

All smiling for takeoff!









Shapes fill the sky.




The Brandenburg Gate and the Orient Express...


The Cactus balloon.

The Orient Express

The Brandenburg Gate


Chasing Burnie--- Lowell and Laurie!


Where to land???

On our way back to get an escort for Burnie... What a great photo op!




This is the view that Burnie got for landing on the Indian Reservation. . .


The sun comes up over Sandia Peak... We go to breakfast.

Really, if you zoom really close, you can see Burnie deflating somewhere in this photo.



Barry & I decided to drive up to Sandia Peak. Yes, we knew it was shrouded in fog at the top. I won't mention the wind...

This was the view at the top.


We had a great time anyway.

At the bottom of the mountain, it was 69 degrees. At the top, it was 44... 



Why is there a pic of the Howard Johnson sign?


There is a photo because of what they put on the sign. Best wishes to Keith & Debbie in his recovery.

We went to dinner at Monroe's. This is a photo of Tequila Bob. Bob is the Tequila master.


A great dinner suggestion from our native crew Eric.

Excellent dinner and companionship!

From left to right- Lowell, Laurie, Tequila Bob, Teri, Barry & Eric.


Lowell & Laurie. I love this photo.


Adorable Barry.


Jon Radowski joined us in mid-dinner. He was in ABQ, but he only showed his face on the last evening. Go figure. He is still as handsome as ever.



Our really fun waitress...




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Copyright 2007 Theresa C. DiLibero.

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