The US Flag Balloon at the  Big Bear Balloon Festival in Grove City, Ohio

The US Flag Balloon at The Big Bear Balloon Festival in Grove City, Ohio.

June 21-23, 2002

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flagandcar.jpg (33363 bytes) 

Putting cold air in the balloon first.

flagpeco.jpg (32860 bytes) 

It's a beautiful morning.

flagredwhiteblue.jpg (27190 bytes) 

Here we go!

 flyingtheflag.jpg (21729 bytes)

 gcinside.jpg (51178 bytes)

Inside the US Flag Balloon.

gcmont2.jpg (17861 bytes)

Some other balloons at the festival.

gcpackingup.jpg (12210 bytes)

Thanks for all of your help gang.

ghmontweb.jpg (10029 bytes)

glow.jpg (24204 bytes)

The first time the US Flag Balloon is glowing.

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john1.jpg (12767 bytes)


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The Ryans.

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