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Team Bios
Barry DiLibero- Pilot of America One & Flighthouse

Co-Owner of America One, Patriot and Flighthouse.

Barry has been flying balloons since 1991 and has several business interests in Pennsylvania.

Barry started out with fixed wing planes and ended up loving balloons. He has been flying lighter than air ever since.




  Teri DiLibero

Co-Owner of America One, Patriot & Flighthouse.

Teri does all of the photography, and web site work for the team. She is also the one you need to go to to try to score a pin... Good luck, she is pretty tough.

When not ballooning Teri is now looking for the right career choice. While looking for the right thing to do, she owns a screen printing company and if you are really nice she will make you a sign. Her previous business was a sign company.


Danny Campbell- Danny has joined the crew of America One and Patriot as an extra Pilot and Crew Chief. Danny has been the owner of the best balloon company in Iowa for many, many years! Visit Danny's web site at ZBalloon!

Danny is also the owner of Burnie The Little Devil Balloon.




Harry Collison- Harry has joined the team as one of the pilots of Flighthouse. He and his wife Diane reside in New Jersey and also run a commercial ride operation.

PS- Harry is always dressed to the 9's...

    Ray Fournier-
Jon Radowski- Patriot Pilot 2002-2006

Jon has recently purchased a balloon repair station in Chester Springs, Pa.




  Lewis Powell-Lew has been ballooning with us since the very beginning. We are extremely happy that  he is going to be going on the road with us!
Brad Hertel-   Brad is shy and hates having his photo taken. The one that I could show you isn't pleasant. He is an excellent crew chief though and lives in Findlay, Ohio.

  John Lares- is our current Crew Chief  at Large, and Teri's son. He served with us as full-time Crew Chief from 2003 - 2005.

John has recently received his triple major from Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota in International Business, German & Russian.

He has been ballooning since the age of 9.


A Navy Officer/Aviator from 1964-1975, he then was in the Navy Reserve from 1976-1991 and retired as Captain with a total of 28 1/2 years of military service.
His hot air balloon experience come from working with the National Retail Sales Tax Balloon, then working as an extra Crew Chief for "America One" in 2002, then becoming the Crew Chief for "Patriot" in 2003.
Recently re-married, his obligations have changed and he tries to get to at least one event a year with us.



Greg Wark the 1st -




Carrie Brown- is currently attending college at Grove City, Pennsylvania. She is a balloon addict at large and has worked for Teri in her sign company for a few years. Carrie's first 'real Crew Chief' experience was in Long Island, New York in 2008, she is currently working on her hotter than air permit. We love her dearly.

Jim - is our Chief Videographer and Teri's wonderful father. He has spent many many years in the German Shepherd dog world and has recently started a business that makes fine furniture. He will be traveling with the team this year extensively doing the video work for our upcoming documentary.  


  Margaret Foster- is our other videographer and is there whenever we need her for other things too. In her 'real' job, Margaret has recently relocated to Florida and started  a cleaning business in Ocala, Florida. She has two beautiful teenage daughters.

























Contact us:

Aapex Sunrides

Mail: Po Box 255, Uwchland Pa 19480

Launch: 1012 North Pottstown Pike, Chester Springs Pa 19425

Phone: 610-458-7050

Fax: 610-458-8735


Copyright 2002  Theresa C. DiLibero.

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