Quick Chek Balloon Festival- Readington, New Jersey. Sunday evening, July 28th, 2002

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Boom, boom, boom, boom.....

This is the one good photo from Sunday morning. As we started to cold inflate the balloon, it started to drizzle. I think we put the balloon back into the bag in record time.Putting the bottom side vents in the balloon is a tough job in the heat. It is even worse if you are claustrophobic. Thanks John and Lew(they would be the bumps under the balloon).

Sunday night laying out the balloon while the others begin to launch. 

Janet looks a bit nervous. She was a real trooper though. She flew in the balloon and did the video from the air for us. 

Here is Janet right before take off. 

It keeps


and going

and going...

There is no such thing as a giant pink bunny. Everybody knows that. 

Gerardo and his Bell and Howell hand cranked film camera. 100 feet = 1 minute. 

Packing it up. 


The festival this weekend was great fun for Barry and I and all of our crew. We met so many wonderful people I couldn't possibly name them all here. Our volunteer crew was fantastic from start to finish.  Bob, Janet, Eileen, Mike and Pam from PNC Bank  were so nice and great fun to hang out with. It was an honor to have their banners on our balloon. I would like to personally thank PNC for allowing our hungry and hot crew to dine in their hospitality tent. We appreciated it immensely. 

We also met many pilots that have been doing the balloon rally circuit for many years. Thank you all for your sage advice on how these rallies work. I know you have made it easier for me already. 

Special thanks to Gary and the Energizer Bunny Twins! 

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Copyright 2002  Theresa C. DiLibero