The Quick Check New Jersey Festival of Ballooning- July 25-27, 2003

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Teri's Commentary


We are back at Readington again this year with America One. Thanks to PNC Bank for sponsoring us again. Friday morning we saw lots of familiar faces from last year. 

Friday morning media flight. The fields are really wet so we used the runways...


dsc08090.jpg (106957 bytes)

Crew taking photo of crew. Before all of the real fun starts.

dsc08095.jpg (81195 bytes)

The eagle.

dsc08096.jpg (80604 bytes)
dsc08099.jpg (119047 bytes)

Keep an eye on this guy, he is EVERYWHERE!

dsc08100.jpg (122467 bytes)

Lou again... 

dsc08109.jpg (61216 bytes)

I think it will be a long while before

I get a shot like this again...

dsc08122.jpg (77223 bytes) dsc08123.jpg (91187 bytes)  dsc08135.jpg (43286 bytes)

Sir Prize!

dsc08144.jpg (94968 bytes)

Thanks to PNC for sponsoring us again this year here at Readington.

dsc08146.jpg (82383 bytes)

Mike & Joe from PNC. Thanks for the hat!

dsc08155.jpg (83489 bytes)

Sunshine everywhere!

dsc08172.jpg (83746 bytes)

The Sunshine balloon and Captain Radowski's Garbage can balloon.

dsc08174.jpg (63255 bytes) dsc08187.jpg (83754 bytes)

Radowski & the Rabbit.

dsc08192.jpg (117605 bytes)

Look! A GIANT pillow!

dsc08193.jpg (93458 bytes)


dsc08205.jpg (129187 bytes)
dsc08213.jpg (134971 bytes)

Mr. Lou IS the man... Stay tuned!

More photos to be posted Monday July 28. Please check back. 
Friday Night

Sunny Boy with sunglasses.

Sunny Boy without sunglasses.

I don't have a lot of photos from the ground from this flight because I finally got to fly in America One. We landed in a beautiful park with loads of kids who helped us pack up. Thanks also to the Sir Prize crew that grabbed our drop line. Hopefully in a couple of days I will put up some video from my flight.

Saturday night

Funny bunny...

See the USA balloon?

Jon Radowski's balloon ready for



This koala balloon is flown by Kenny Shumate. What a pretty balloon!

Frank & Linda. Thanks for

coming out guys. We missed

you at dinner...

Barb, with an attitude!

Chief John directing.

Miss Glo taking a ride in America One.

Chief John at dinner. I got some other photos at dinner, but I didn't like them so they aren't here.

Sunday morning

Crew lady Terry. Thanks for your help this weekend.

Captain Barry. This just isn't right.

Reflectorite Wixby on the


Our sponsors.

Pre inflation briefing.

America One and Limelight

Dorothy & Toto... .Really.




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