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June 21st 2003-  AIR & SPACE Day in Tewksbury, Mass.

The Space Shuttle PATRIOT debut appearance in the United States.

For all of the photos and the happenings of the day, please scroll down...

We would like to thank Paul Manning and all of the wonderful folks at Raytheon that helped to make Patriot's debut such a roaring success. Thank you for letting us do our 'test' inflation with your event. It was even better with a crowd!



I think I am going to break this into two sections. One for the star of the show, Patriot, and the other section for the people that helped make this event such a wonderful success.


Patriot comes out of the bag for the first time. "HELLO DOWN THERE!"

Putting in the first air.

Our first look at the inside. We had special artwork made for the inside. Stay tuned..

When the Columbia tragedy happened on February 1st, we decided to make a couple of changes to the balloon as it was being manufactured. Even though it was almost finished, the people at Aeromagic were able to accommodate the changes we wanted. The photo above shows one addition. I have had the quote on the front page of the website since February, and it looks beautiful on the balloon.

This is the other change. Before February 1st, we just had Challenger on this panel. Sadly, we had to add another ship to the panel.

We think this is the first artwork ever done on the inside of a balloon, please let me know if you know of any others.

Here is Harry who flies the Deptford, NJ Police Dept. balloon smelling a new balloon. No propane residue yet!

Ok, this photo will show all of the people that helped pack up Patriot why it captured so much air. The skirt of white fabric trapped lots of air. Next time we deflate, we will make sure that is empty before we start to roll!

Detail of above right artwork on balloon.

Some kids posing for a photo next to Patriot being inflated.

Going up!

Lots of people helped hold the crown line. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Patriot Missile- Patriot Space Shuttle. . .

Even this looks a bit less than vertical, it was the only way to get it in the photograph!


Marcos and Ricardo surprised us with this one. We had no idea that it we would be able to see the astronauts inside when we deflate the balloon! What a great surprise! Aeromagic ROCKS!


Paul Manning and Barry meeting for the first time. Paul is the force behind this event. When I say force- I mean it! Thanks Paul for a great opportunity and a wonderful event. I hope it grows and grows!


Margaret Foster was kind enough to do video for us and come along on our crazy "Do Mass. and back in one day" trip. She may still be sleeping...

Here are a couple of pics to help illustrate the size of Patriot. Jim has been gracious enough to pose for us. On the right he is standing next to the left wing. Notice that the wing is taller than Jim. Jim is approximately 6'4".

Patriot's pilot- Jon Radowski manning the fan. I would like to know what he was thinking here.

Hot Air Balloon Pilot Ray Fournier & Barry (he is a pilot too).

Spectators. I'm glad my car is so comfortable.

Captain Jon coordinating deflation after his first inflation of Patriot. Great job Mr. Radowski!


Raytheon supplied us with able crew, AND security. I defy anyone that didn't belong to get past these guys!

Barry taking a breather on the cart.


Getting the rest of the air out.


  Frank Davis

Keith Sproul

John Lares (America One Crew Chief)

Teri (me) & Barry at the end.


If you have photos from this event you would like to see on this page, please email them to me at You will have a photo credit.

Next week- Goshen, CT! Be there, or be square!


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