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Flag City Balloon Festival in Findlay, Ohio- 2003


WBUK 106.3 FM- the Oldies channel


Awesome tank!


Janet and sisters getting ready to take up Moonlight Sun-ata! One of the most beautiful balloons out there.

The Veterans of Flag City, USA gathered for a ceremony honoring the dedication and sacrifice of all Veterans. Very moving.

If it weren't for the Veterans and our service personnel, we would not be here doing what we do.

The POW-MIA contingent. Thank you for your service.

Amy in front of America One.

Why does Barry get all of the, "Caption this!" photos?

Crew Chief Jon Radowski took the next series of pictures. Every once in a while he just grabs my camera and runs away. He always comes back with great photos though.

Moonlight Sun-ata!

Keith from Findlay Living was kind enough to take this photo for us.




Robin & Dianne strike a pose for us.


Sunday morning

Group shot of all of the crew that make us look so darned good!

This goes into the worthless skills/hobbies department. Four leaf clovers are everywhere if you just know where to look. Really.

Joe from Marathon Ashland ready for take-off!

Keith from Findlay Living also ready for take-off!

There they go!

Talk about a great weekend! How often do we get to fly over our sponsors headquarters?

America One over Marathon Ashland  headquarters in Findlay, Ohio.

A perfect landing.

Chief Jon watching the other balloons.

Time to pack up.

Chip, Keith & Bill- all great guys.

The end... until Chaddsford!


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