Spiediefest in Binghamton, New York August 1-3, 2003

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Disclaimer: This page is up a little early because we want to talk a little bit about our sponsors for this event. If it seems like a paid commercial endorsement, please understand it isn't, just a couple of very happy customers.

Our experience with Wegmans.

Last year we brought America One to Spiediefest for the first time. Our sponsor was a company named Wegmans. We asked around to find out who they were. The conversation went something like this: One of us to crew person- "Hey, what is Wegmans?" The response from the crew person was usually, "You don't know what Wegmans is? Once you've been to a Wegmans you will never go to another grocery store."  We did our thing, had a great time flying, and went home. At some point during this year, a Wegmans came to our town. We decided to make sure we paid a visit because they were kind enough to sponsor America One at Spiediefest.

Barry and I walked into the new Wegmans about a week after they opened. Living here in Pennsylvania for 10 years now, I have always said Pennsylvania is a wasteland for any kind of shopping. I am originally from Minnesota and shopping there was always better than good. When I moved here, I found out that Minnesota shoppers are spoiled. I always compared any grocery store to Byerly's or Cub. Nothing here ever came close to either store. Until I walked into Wegmans that is. Wegmans blows all the rest out of the water!  Barry & I didn't want to leave. We tried to come up with a strategy to find a place to hide after they closed for the night. Guess what, Wegmans is open 24 hours so that strategy was shelved. We did buy lots of groceries and made use of the Chinese food bar. Yum. When my mom came to visit, I took her to Wegmans, she was also impressed. The service is always friendly, and they are very accommodating. Mom wanted half of a cabbage, they cut it in half for her and put the other half out for another purchaser. That is service. It is wonderful to see a company that works so hard to please their customers and still not break the bank. Tonight I got my Wegmans Club Card, we will use it often.

Ok, enough of my ramblings...This year, Wegmans is sponsoring both America One and Patriot for Spiediefest.  Please come see us this weekend in Binghamton, NY and don't forget to stop by your local Wegmans if you are lucky enough to have one near by. I know we will.

Teri D.


Spiediefest 2003 with America One and Patriot!!!!
Friday Night
Wegmans Logo

For my Wegmans commentary, please see sidebar.

Check back this weekend for photos from Spiediefest.

Ok, I'm a little late on the captions, but here goes...

Special thanks to Phyllis Terry, Keith & Debbie Sproul for taking photos and getting the shuttle flight pics on Saturday morning. 



Crew Chief John

Some of our Wegmans sponsors.

Captain Radowski


Mr. Poser.

Kirsten on the right. Coming soon, some great art from her.

Captain Barry.


I'm really getting paranoid about this bunny thing.


Phyllis following me around with a camera. Cool balloon in the background though.

A couple of very nice spectators.

We always get the craziest crew people....

Larry Konash's fishy...

Wegmans employees that won the drawing for a flight.

More Wegmans winners. 

Chief John holding up America One all by himself!



Captain Barry. Oops, Wizard Barry.

Rich, in the basket... 

Just a cool night shot.

Saturday Morning
Just a quick thanks to Phyllis Terry and  Keith & Debbie Sproul for the photos of the flight this morning.

Captain Jon and Commander Cody.

The Energizer Bunny and Patriot. I think the little bunny was spying...

Patriot's 2nd flight with its first passengers! 

Thanks to all of the wonderful people at Wegmans for a fantastic weekend and a great lunch! You guys are great!

The Cavalier in front of the Wegmans.

The entourage in front of Wegmans.

Saturday Night

"The Balloon Boyz"-- Next years Spiediefest musical talent.

My two favorite posers.


Cody at the mouth.


Christine on the one side.


Cody finally makes it into a balloon!


Thanks to Saturn for playing our favorite music.


Sunday Morning
Sunday morning was too iffy for us to fly and pack up... But there were some balloons that did take off and seemed to go every which way. We also had some fun out on the field...

Glo & Debbie

Sunday evening
On Sunday afternoon, everyone was hopeful that the launch would happen since all of the other flights for the weekend were supposed to be bad according to weather forecasts. We put up the EZ-up and hung out on the field until the rain, thunder and general weather chaos came rolling in.

Larry Konash, before the briefing.


Ron Rogers looking for the briefing...


Here it is!


Spiediefest Part two.  


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