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Ashland Balloon Festival in Ashland, Ohio. Thursday... On the way to Ashland and the media flight.
About our sponsor, Donley Ford - Lincoln - Mercury
 Donley Ford-Lincoln-Mercury is a BIG supporter of the Ashland Balloon Fest. We were honored to be chosen as the balloon they sponsored for the 2005 Event.
Just as we arrived in Ashland, the right front wheel on the Capri started to make noise. The front hub had just been apart to replace a wheel stud. The grind sounded just like the wheel bearing (which I had just had out. I was afraid some dirt had gotten in it). They took it into the Service Department the next morning, right away. When the mechanic took it apart, he found that for some reason, the brake backing plate was rubbing against the rotor. I think when everything heated up the metal expanded just enough to rub. They went over the entire front end just to makes sure everything was o.k. and were impressed with how tight the front end was. No more grind, and only charged me for one hour service work. I couldn't be happier with these guys!
Thanks for taking on the Capri, Donley. Now, what kind of sponsorship deal on a Shelby Mustang???? Ford GT perhaps??? We promise to Red White & Blue it, NO CHARGE!

Barry tanks up the truck. Ouch!

The new trailer.

John Sidle- Co-Chairman of the Ashland Balloon Festival

While the media flight was weathered out, that didn't stop the 84 Lumber guys from inflating their GIANT Golf Ball balloon.


Rich, one of the 84 Lumber team.

Mike Shrum- La Ristra man makes a well deserved pit stop in Ashland...









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