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The Birchrunville, Pennsylvania Independence Day Parade.

Chester County Pennsylvania's best kept 4th of July secret... Not anymore. . . So, for the people that love the Turbo Pumpkin Burning party, this one is similar but on the aquatic side. For several years now, Birchrunville residents and others 'in the know' have gathered on the tiny little roads of Birchrunville to have a parade. Birchrunville is a little crossroads far off the beaten path (for Southeastern Chester County) which consists of the former Birchrunville Store, now Birchrunville Cafe ( & Post office,  zip code 19421 and a handful of other buildings.

On this day in 2006, we decided to put our little cars and truck into the parade since it is only about 5 minutes from our office. This parade is not for the faint of heart. There are guns of all sizes. Kids with guns, adults with guns and also a cache of grenades. Of course, the ammo is water and the grenades are water balloons. This parade is unrehearsed, non-invitational, unsanctioned, unsponsored, unregulated (except for the local police to help guide the parade participants out at the end), unendorsed and has been so since the beginning....

The spectators are equally active in making the parade work and for the most part follow the one basic rule: Do not fire unless fired upon, or unless the passengers are willing to become saturated. The Capri did very well until Barry picked up Wendy Neuhoff (she cuts his hair every change of season, whether he needs it or not) halfway thru the parade. She sat on the tonneau and waved to the crowd, then yelled "Bring it on, baby!" I guess the interior will dry out, someday. Ever had a Supersoaker blast you in the ear from 3 feet away? Speak loudly until he gets the full gallon out.

We did have one secret weapon. The dually was equipped with a battery-powered 16 gallon weed sprayer. Carrie got off many good shots and usually had the distance advantage. In the end, she was still soaked. In fact, I think every one was, because just after the parade ended, a violent thunderstorm rolled through, dumping a ton of rain and getting rid of all the humidity. The day was perfect. Google "Birchrunville Parade" for more info on past years.

If you dare, scroll for the pics. . .

Photos by: Teri DiLibero, Barry DiLibero, Carrie Brown & Harley Brown.

Barry's Capri starts out high and dry.

The view from the Grand Am.

Behind our little convoy.

This is George. A wonderful guy and all around great customer in our office. Note the shirt (US Flag Balloon/Shuttle Staff 2003)

Notice Carrie- in RED, DRY... . I assure you this is only a temporary measure.

A homegrown float.

Military Band Organ Float built in 1906. Sounds just as good today as it did then.

Ok, here is the harbinger of things to come. Underneath the flag, he has 2 75 gallon tanks of water... and a gun on top.

Some more music for the parade. These guys are too cool. What happens when an electric guitar gets wet?

Another BIG GUN...See the hose?

How much water do they have in that thing???

I think they are planning on a lot of water. I think they lost the skier early on.

Youngsters armed and ready to go!

Not sure really what is happening here...

What parade would be complete without antique cars and street rods.

Bugeye Sprite.

No parade is complete without pirates.

And horses?

Yes, that is the famous Voodoo deVille band and the mascot car, a convertible 1959 Cadillac deVille. Yep, a pristine $70,000 piece of American iron. Look at those tailfins.

The normal neighborhood.

Time to roll. It's 106 miles to Chicago...

And a beautiful estate that didn't want to be bothered with all the hubbub. Bet the owners were in the crowd though.. .

The water fights start! This is truly an interactive parade!

Curious onlookers.

Curious onlookers aiming at us.

Still a quarter mile from the village.

Stadium seating?

Carrie is no longer dry...That's the old Birchrunville Store in the left background.

And the crowds keep growing.

This guy is serious. If Carrie had been paying attention, she would've drilled him. She still had plenty of battery power and 10 gallons of water.

Picking up candy that the parade people throw.

That's a serious Blaster on the left.

Chicks with water power, tomorrows Superheros

Leaving the village behind

The backside of town, where the people that don't want to get sprayed stake out positions for viewing.











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Copyright 2006  Theresa C. DiLibero.

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