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Socorro, New Mexico Balloon Festival- The Socorro Balloon Festival is a GREAT time. Casual, Friendly and FUN!


We spent Thanksgiving at Jonathan & Lara's house. Wonderful dinner, fantastic company...

My Mom, Carol and our Crew Chief for this event- John Lares! He came back for this event. Thanks John even though you were sick and had LOTS of college homework to do.

My Step-Father Gary & Nicky hang out on the couch before dinner.


Saturday morning- Barry & John discuss strategy and the fact that John hasn't done this for 2 years. Looks familiar though.


My Dad's favorite balloon Azul.... I still love him.

Jon Radowski inflates 'Nailed'.



Great pins and shirts for sale on the field.

For this event, we take off from Tripp's Field. They are a wonderful sponsor and a great company!


That is the 2nd biggest tennis shoe I have ever seen!

Karen Campbell making sure that Burnie's tail doesn't do anything untoward to the spectators.


Speaking of untoward, that nail is looking a bit sharp!

It only got worse from there, but you get the idea!



Azul lands in a nice place!


America One landed in a not so nice place, but our crew was fantastic! Thanks for keeping us off of the goatsheads!

This pic is of what our tires looked like. Goatsheads stickers are a horrible thing!


John & crew hang out.

Pics by Karen & Danny Campbell

Family portrait. Barry, Teri & John


Karen in costume



Sorry... all pics in this section are by Karen & Danny Campbell except for this one. Hint- They are both in the photo. Phredd McAllister took this one. Thanks Phredd! SMOOCH!


Karen comes to the field in costume... Nice tail!


Mike Shrum- The nicest guy in the world and a really great balloonmeister too.

One other thing about Mike Shrum- You can't take a bad photo of him....



Mike's crew and a little elf!


The Elf at the local Smith's store with a real elf...



The next 2 sections of photographs are by the Mother/Daughter team of Judy & Katie Woller. In my opinion, they are the BEST balloon photographers in the world! They are absolutely amazing. Please enjoy these as much as I have and look for a special page of their photographs that I will be putting together of all three of our balloons from Albuquerque 2006. Thank you so much for allowing us to show your photos to the rest of the world.

The Woller family also owns the Octopus balloon.

Photos by Judy Woller






Burnie says, "Hey Octopus, wanna' dance with this cute little devil?"


The Octopus says, "Ok, just this once."




Photos by Katie Woller

One of the really cool things about the Socorro Balloon Festival is that they also let in paragliders. Beautiful by themselves, but fantastic flying around the balloons!


Nailed getting ready for takeoff!

Thems some BIG shoes!



Now, for something from a 'different' perspective: Photos by Richard Rapp

Someone, we don't know who...decided that we needed a Sanitized for Your Own Protection strap on America One.

Pets or Meat? Or outhouses?  We still don't understand, but love America!


Barry doesn't wear a hat. Now that we know even an Elfen hat won't fit him, we are just left wondering. Why?

I am here wondering why also.

and thinking- 'Thank God---- NO TIGHTS!'

No caption needed... There is a SIGN!


Caption this!


Although Socorro is a smaller event, it is in the top 5 of our favorites. We can't ask for better crew or friendship in all involved.

Mike and Denise Shrum are right on top of things and still awake (or just delirious) by the end of it all and they are also the best kind of people to have as good friends.

If this looks like a plea to be invited back next year... Well, so be it!


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Copyright 2006  Theresa C. DiLibero.

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