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Springfield, Massachusetts Saturday night - Candle Glow.... & Sunday morning- Fluff & Puff...


A very happy Howard Freeman directing the Candle Glow..

Unfortunately, it was too windy to fly so we just put on a show with our burners.

15 balloons and BIG BIG flames.

Shane & Mark trying not to blow away...

Mike keeping warm under the burner.

On to Sunday morning... Still too windy to fly. We laid out some balloons and the ones that could inflate did.

4 leaf clover number 10.

Springfield's best kept secret... Spring Lake. Great fishing on a Sunday morning!

4 leaf clover number 12


The man that started Barry's obsession with balloons, Stan Hess on the left.

Bob Romaneschi inflating the Eagle.


Carrie & Mike riding shotgun in the back seat of the truck. This photo was taken before we got lost again!


We are ALL hoping that the weather will be suitable for a flight tonight!  


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