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America One Series Limited Edition Hand Blown Glass

The America One & Patriot hot air balloon teams are very proud to have teamed up with the Blenko Glass Company to make a series of hand blown glass pieces that will carry America One, Patriot and Blenko names. What a wonderful concept, America One and American handmade glass.

We are very excited to offer this extremely limited edition of 50 sets for 2005 of a pitcher and tumbler set. You can pick 2  or 4 tumblers for your set. Pitchers and tumblers are beautiful with a crystal body adorned with ruby and blue glass applied webbing around the center. Pitchers are approximately 10.5" high and tumblers are approximately 6" high.

Every pitcher and tumbler is just a little different because of the nature of handmade glass. Each pitcher is handled by 6 craftsmen from start to finish, and each tumbler is handled by 7 craftsmen from start to finish! Each person handling the piece has an important job to make each piece special.


About Blenko Glass-

The Blenko Glass Company in its present form opened in 1921 and is one of the very few remaining hand blown glass factories in the United States. Blenko is known for incredible award winning designs in glass from many well known designers including Winslow Anderson, Wayne Husted, John Nickerson, Joel Myers & Hank Adams. Blenko also makes stained glass that graces the Washington Cathedral and the Air Force Academy Chapel in Colorado Springs, Co. Blenko was honored to make the Inaugural centerpieces for President Reagan's first term in 1981.

Blenko Glass has become highly sought after for collectors and this series is sure to increase in value due to its limited availability and the Blenko Handcrafted name.

 Blenko Glass Company is located in the heart of Milton, West Virginia. They have a visitors center that is open daily and you can watch master glassblowers at work.

Blenko Handcraft Company

For collecting information please visit:

To join the Blenko Collectors Society:


All pitchers have their own marking (click pic for view):

Pitchers have The America One series mark, the number, a small flag balloon, hologram sticker and the Blenko 2005 mark.

Tumblers have a little flag balloon on the bottom and the Blenko 2005 mark.


Ever wondered what it takes to make a piece of hand blown glass? Stand in the Blenko Factory and watch how it is done. These guys make it look easy, it isnít! For more information on Blenko Glass, click on these links.

Glass making video- Click here for a great video.

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The America One Series by Blenko Handcraft  for 2005:

Pitcher and 2 tumblers


Pitcher and 4 tumblers.

America One Series Pitcher set proudly displayed in the home of the Blenko Collectors Society Presidents living room.


2005 America One Series

The inaugural issue is a beautiful hand made glass pitcher and 2 tumblers, or a pitcher and 4 tumblers. Pitchers and tumblers are crystal with an applied ruby and blue webbing around the center.

Limited issue of 50 sets.

All sets will be etched America One, Blenko 2005 and numbered. You will also receive a signed Certificate of Authenticity with your sets' issue number and hologram that matches the hologram on the pitcher.

You are welcome to pre-order your set. Sets will be available for shipping on May 30, 2005

Our field trip to the Blenko Handcraft factory.

Here Teri is allowed to try making a vase in the factory. Click on the above link to see how it really went.

Order the 2005 America One Series Pitcher and 2 Tumblers via Paypal here:

$420.00 + $90.00 shipping


Order the 2005 America One Series Pitcher and 4 tumblers via Paypal here:

$500.00 + $90.00 shipping


You are also welcome to call with any questions or place your order with Visa/Mastercard/American Express or Discover: 610-458-7050




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