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Collector Cards
We realize that there are many out there that cannot get out to one of our appearances and get these cards. Many people have fantastic collections of cards, saving them in special binders.
So here is what we've done. We have taken pictures of all of our cards, front and back. These pictures are the same size as our cards. Print them out on your computer printer and glue the front and back together, then put it in your binder!
The descriptions of each card are great stories on how each photo came to end up on the card.
Thank you for the support and we hope to meet you all sometime. In the meantime, put "America One", "Patriot" and "Flighthouse" in your collection today.
2007 Flighthouse Card

.pdf file

Flighthouse launching from the field at the 2006
Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. In the background, the
Balloon Museum can be seen as well as the crowds of
attendees to the event. This was the first appearance
of Flighthouse at Fiesta.
Production Run: 15,000


2007 America One & Patriot Card

.pdf file

This picture was taken at the 2006 Albuquerque
International Balloon Fiesta by Judy Woller. Always
the last off the field because of Patriot's size,
America One stands waiting so that the two may launch
Production Run: 15,000



Picture by: Teri DiLibero
This picture was taken in the back field of the family farm in Eagle, Pennsylvania for the inaugural public inflation of America One. It was a breezy day and we needed the woods as a wind break. "America One" did not fly until several weeks later. Also note the MR2 Flag car in the background (it was around before "America One") and our first dually before it became the first Flag Truck.


Production Run: 10,000

Picture by: Russ Dillingham/Lewiston Sun Journal
This picture was taken in 2003 at Lewiston-Auburn, Maine during the Great Falls Balloon Festival.  Both balloons left Railroad Park which borders the Androscoggin River. Staying close together, both settled down on the river for a long term "Splash & Dash". This picture was picked up by the AP wire and appeared in no less than a dozen papers around the United States.


Production Run: 10,000



Picture by: Russ Dillingham/Lewiston Sun Journal
This is the same picture as the 2003 version but is is
a closer shot of the balloons. Why? The 2003 card is a
full view of the balloons and the reflections. This
confused the cardholder and many times we would see
them looking at the card upside down even though there
is text on the left-hand side. Also, many could not
see the baskets and if the viewer is not familiar with
balloons, they wouldn't understand what was being
looked at.


Production Run: 18,000



Picture by: AeroMagic
This picture was taken in Brazil for the first test inflation of "Flighthouse". Since this balloon was built late in 2006 (finished in July), there wasn't time to get "Flighthouse" set up for pictures before it's first appearance in the International Balloon Festival of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. We used this picture so that the cards could be made and shipped up to the event in time for that first appearance. This card is actually a business card size, not the collector card size.


Production Run: 10,000



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Copyright 2006  Theresa C. DiLibero.

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