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Saturday night-

This is a walk-thru balloon. Our first attempt at this and I think it worked out pretty good.



Crew Chief Frank Davis inside the walk-thru balloon.


I just love these art shots!

Crew Chief John explaining to our very fresh and fortunately very able new crew how to put up America One.

It worked again!

This weekend was the best photo taking opportunity in a long time. ALL of the balloons were absolutely gorgeous. Those Connecticut people really know how to design beautiful balloons!


America One takes flight! On to Patriot!!!!

I cannot possibly describe how large Patriot is, so just scroll down and try to see for yourself.

Captain Jon and a photographer whose name I have already forgotten. Please contact me, I have more pics for you...

Keith and me grinning ear to ear..

Captain Radowski and Wanda, his wonderful mother.

Patriot taking shape and moving forward to the heavens...

Captain Jon speaking to the crowd.

Crew Chief Keith Sproul was kind enough to take to the skies to take pics of Patriot from the air. See if you can tell which pics they are.

Patriot came down just as well as it went up. To the kind balloonists that moved out of Patriot's way when the wind shifted we thank you.

If you have photos from this event you would like to see on this page, please email them to me at You will have a photo credit. If you see yourself or your balloon and would like the photo in a poster quality, please email me and I will get you a copy of the pic.

Friday Night & Saturday morning Photos


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